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Best Extensions Similar To Teleparty

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If you don’t know, Teleparty is known as “Netflix Party,” a chrome extension allowing you to stream Netflix online with your friends and family. It doesn’t matter; even your friends stay near or at distant places; downloading the Teleparty Chrome Extension can work everywhere. Yes, it is important to download the Teleparty Extension on your device to stream via Teleparty. Moreover, it features group chats and synchronized video playback with a watch video together tool in the social & communication category. Apart from Teleparty Netflix, there are four alternative options for Netflix Teleparty on a Number of streaming platforms. 

And these are Online / Web-based, Linux, Windows, Mac, and Google Chrome. Furthermore, the Teleparty alternatives options are mainly driven by Group Chat Apps, Video Streaming Apps, and Watch Videos Together Tools. Therefore, have you not switched to Teleparty by downloading the Teleparty Extension? Then, it’s the best time to give a try to other streaming service platforms. Hence, below you have a few major alternative options with their required details. So you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies with your friends and family.      

1.Meta stream

The very first one is Meta stream, which can become your streaming partner as it is freely accessible. Besides, it has a Watch Videos Together Tool, Group Chat App, and Video Streaming App. Moreover, Meta stream can smoothly work on devices like Windows, Linux, and Mac via Chrome OS, Google Chrome, and Firefox web browser. Meta stream lets you stream internet videos with your brats if you don't know. Not only this, but Meta stream also synchronizes streaming videos on websites so you can enjoy watching them together. 

When it comes to its features, it has no registration requirement for features usage, seamless syncing, group chit-chat, WebRTC, TV streaming, Integrated web browser and chat, and the availability of multiple languages. Furthermore, these features don't excite you. In that case, you should go with the best one, Teleparty, via installing the Teleparty Extension.  

Besides the Teleparty Chrome Extension, here you have another alternative named the “StreamParty” streaming service. The best 

apart about StreamParty is its freely available worldwide accessibility. Moreover, it can smoothly work on a number of devices such as Mac, Windows, and Linux by using Chrome OS, Google Chrome, and Firefox web browser. Apart from this, if you don’t know, StreamParty is a community-based streaming service that allows you to stream videos in sync with all your friends worldwide. Furthermore, StreamParty features the option to stream video in seamless syncing, group chat along with streaming, browser extension, etc.  


The third one is the OpenTogetherTube streaming service platform, which is freely accessible worldwide. Like Teleparty, you can host your watch party on the OpenTogetherTube streaming platform. As a result, you can enjoy steaming your favorite movies and shows with your brats smoothly. Moreover, it is entirely open source and can easily be self-hosted using the provided docker images. If you see its features, then it has real-time sync, no registration required, Dark Mode, Ad-free, Youtube integration, ability to direct links to mp4 videos, live chat, Vimeo integration, Dailymotion, and is smartphone friendly.  

3.Hyper Beam

The next one is the “Hyper Beam” streaming platform for watching your favorite shows, movies, series, anime, etc., with your distant and close ones. Most importantly, Hyper Beam is freely available to use for everyone to access for streaming. Moreover, Hyper Beam is not just about streaming alone, as you can even host your binge-free watch party with your friends. And that’ this Hyper Beam helps you to stay connected with your friends; residing in a distant place. 

In order to know about its amazing accessing features then, it has streaming in sync, no registration required, Ad-free, Screen Sharing, live Chit-Chat, private groups, etc. Plus, access to online sharing, free-to-play, shared hosting, virtual browser, voice chat, TV streaming, push-to-talk, and trust level system. Hence, if its qualities triggered you at any level, you must try it besides Teleparty Netflix.

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